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Scrap Vehicles Rules & Regulations

Call for details 256-538-8611

1. All Fluids must be properly removed according to environmental standards, this includes all fuel, oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze.

2. The fuel tank and mercury switch must be removed ( No exceptions ).

3. The VIN must be called in prior to bring the vehicle and checked through the Alabama Scrap Vehicle website for liens, the state system will not inform us if the car is reported stolen until we have entered all info and attempted to purchase the vehicle. This is so the vehicle can be held for law enforcement if a stolen report comes back. Seller must have the title (12 years or newer) or title application or tag receipt in their name with a Valid drivers license or state ID number to sell the vehicle.

4. We do not take vehicle's drove into the scrap yard.

5. You may leave the tires on a passenger car, if you want the tires and wheels we will help you remove them.

6. We will deduct for tires on large 3/4 ton and above trucks unless the seller removes them.

7. The seller must have valid ID and proof of ownership such as the title or other certified documentation identifying you as the owner or you purchased for the legal owner.