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Scale House/Office: 256-538-8611

Toll Free: 1-800-976-9333

[email protected]

1528 3rd Street SW (Hwy 77 & US11)

Attalla, AL 35954

Monday-Friday 7am-3pm (Scale's close @2:45)

New Hours Saturday 7:30am-11:00am 

Prices 01/12/2021

Customers with large volumes call for dealer pricing...

Shred/Appliances/ (lawn mowers, etc.) Cast Iron $9.00/100

Junk Cars & Trucks $9/100 (No Gas Tank/Check VIN or have title)

Mixed Steel $9.50/100

Forklifts & Tractors $7/100

We only take Aluminum Cans if you have other scrap, All Aluminum Cans must be:

Clean and dry.

In a large bag or drum, no small grocery bags please.

No large wood or wire crates.

No other type of food/dog/cat food cans mixed with AL. Cans.

No other type of scrap metals mixed in.

We reserve the right to refuse any cans that we deem hazardous to our employees. We routinely find hypodermic needles and razors and other dangerous items in Aluminum Cans.

New unloading procedures due to the Pandemic:

When you arrive at the scrap yard please Stay in Your Vehicle and a employee will unload your scrap. Try to have your items for the small scale separated. We will bring you receipt and payment to you.

We will continue to operate serving our commercial and public customers in the safest way with the least amount of public contact as possible. We will continue following all health guidelines in place by all local, state and federal agencies.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these tough times.

Thanks for your business,

Joe & Tony Hereford

Customer Convenience is Our Goal

We offer our customers quick drive through service and do not close during lunch hours. Our employees will work hard to get you unloaded and paid for your material, and there is no walking from building to building to receive your payment. All of our weight masters are certified by the State of Alabama. Our scales have public viewing display and are certified by the State of Alabama.

Please call if you have any questions about recycling your scrap metals, one of our staff members will provide you prices and information so you can bring in your scrap materials quick and hassle free.

If you are a commercial business or contractor please contact Joe or Tony Hereford at 256-538-8611, for more information about the services we offer at no cost.